Essential Piano Accessories for Your Grand Piano

A Grand Piano is a great thing to have, but then you also need certain accessories to be able to enjoy it thoroughly. This is besides some of the things that you'll need to regularly clean your piano.

So what are the things that you would need to help you play the piano better?

  1. A comfortable Piano Bench
  2. Piano Bench cushions & pads that are comfortable to sit on, and also goes with the decor
  3. Grand Piano cover to retain the polish & looks of your piano
  4. A Piano lamp (perhaps) that helps you to read from the sheets
  5. A metronome if you are using an acoustic piano

There are many more accessories out there but these are something that you may need right away.

Here's an excellent resource on piano accessories & supplies

When you buy a piano, its important to give some thought as to where will you keep it. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself.

  1. Which room? Which wall?
  2. Will it fit in the space where you want it to go?
  3. Will you need to rearrange lot of furniture?
  4. Does it offer you privacy to practice?
  5. Do you want a small console, spinet, or a showpiece grand piano?
  6. Will it complement your room's decor? If your room is full of antiques, you need a piano that also looks like one.

Based on these factors, you may need some additional piano accessories, besides the ones mentioned above.

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