Beginner Piano: Buying & Learning

Piano is a popular instrument and considered as the 'king of all musical instruments' by many, because of its polyphonic nature, which allows you to play multiple musical notes at the same time, and also because it has a wide range of dynamics, perhaps the widest among all the musical instruments.

Learning to Play the Piano

Until a few years back, learning to play the piano was almost impossible to do all by ourselves. You had to find a pino teacher and take individual or group lessons.

However, learning itself has changed a lot over the years, aided by advancements in technology and the proliferation of the internet. Its now possible to do a lot of learning right from the comfort of you own home, if you have a computer and an internet connection.

However, learning to play the piano is not just about playing some "notes and chords", its much more than that. so even though YouTube videos can help you get started, you need a proper curriculum that covers wide range of music theory and piano playing technique.


Fortunately for you, there are some excellent piano courses out there, such a Learn & Master the piano & Piano for All. You can read more about these 'learn piano' courses here.

It is widespread knowledge that that playing a musical instrument develops a wide range of skills, including an improved intelligence. The learning curve, though easy in the beginning, does get steeper eventually. So its also important to show dedication and be persistent with your practice sessions.

Here's a useful website that compares the best piano learning courses.

Buying a Keyboard Instrument

Keyboard instruments can be of varied types, especially if you consider the digital makes. You have the option of choosing:

  1. An acoustic or a digital piano
  2. Piano like weighted keys or lighter keys
  3. Smaller sized instruments for portability
  4. Ones with simple piano sounds or one that is loaded with hundreds of sounds, styles & effects

Here's an excellent resource that explains all about piano keyboard instruments.

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